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Updating QnA Maker knowledge base via SharePoint Online using Logic Apps!

This past week I had an interesting request from a customer of mine to assist them with implementing a solution to allow their master HR Q&A list (currently hosted on SharePoint) to be synced with their QnA Maker knowledge base powering their upcoming QnA bot for their internal employees. Current process of manually syncing the… Read more

Building a simple Azure Function using Visual Studio Code and Bot framework Direct Line for a custom Alexa skill

Here at MTC we are seeing growing interest in leveraging intelligent chatbots build on top of Microsoft Bot framework and using it’s out of box channels like Skype, Teams, Facebook Messenger, etc. to make these bots available to a larger customer base! While we do have built-in support for Cortana a common ask is to connect… Read more

Migrating MongoDB databases from Mongo Lab to Cosmos DB

Note: This is an update to blog post I did back in 2016 Azure DocumentDB and NightScout better together! Ever since we started using NightScout more than four years ago to monitor our son’s glucose level remotely to better manage his Type 1 Diabetes condition, Microsoft Azure has been a core piece of the building blocks to host this… Read more

Terraform and Azure Better Together! (Deploying Azure Function via Terraform)

You simply gotta love Terraform for obvious reasons but now specially for the awesome Azure integration available to all of us! As announced yesterday here we now have access to brand new offering Terraform solution in the Azure Marketplace. This solution will enable teams to use shared identity, using Managed Service Identity (MSI), and shared state using Azure Storage. These… Read more

Managing Azure Kubernetes Managed Service (AKS) using Cabin app!

Cabin app by bitnami is one of my favorite apps allowing to manage your k8s clusters from your iPhone! After deploying our very first k8s cluster using awesome Azure AKS (In preview) I wanted to add my brand new cluster so I can demo the capabilities to one of my customers. Here are the steps… Read more

Enabling AKS in your Azure subscription

Today was an exciting day to see the availability of Microsoft Azure Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS) announced here. Now if you try to create your very first cluster in your subscription you need to upgrade your Azure CLI to latest version using apt-get upgrade azure-cli (Be patient as it takes sometime to download all the packages and… Read more

Securing Azure Functions calls to Dynamics 365 using Azure AD!

As we were developing our custom engagement bot for MTC, in order to be compliant with security policies we needed to make sure all the calls to our Dynamics 365 from our Azure Functions are secured by Azure AD for our team using the bot within organization on their phone or other devices. Since we… Read more

Visual Studio, Docker & Azure Container Instances better together!

One of the features I love, love, love about Visual Studio 2017 is the support for Docker integration with ASP.NET Core allowing to design, build and containerize solutions and run on either Linux or Windows! Of course with that we also have the integration with Azure to push Docker images to Azure Container Registration and use them to… Read more

Azure Functions and Logic Apps better together!

Here at MTC we are all about showcasing Microsoft technologies by implementing them first for our internal use and later on share the lessons learned and the artifacts with our customers as part of our design sessions and also through our GitHub team. Back in last June as part of our Hack week I came… Read more