Configuring Application Data Access and Network Protocols for SQL Server

The notes taken while reading MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-442): Designing and Optimizing Data Access by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Self-Paced Training Kits). When application access the SQL Server instance make sure those three configurations are in sync: Network protocols available for the SQL Server instance. Network protocols available for the client, the…


Software Release Management – The Questionnaire

    Have you been involved with Application Lifecycle Management consulting? Have you helped to build solid Release Management process? If so I need your insights. I started my research with a quick search and I have stumbled on the following article that perfectly matched my online search: 7 Ways to Improve Your Software Release Management….


Use FREE Tools From IIS Resource Kit To Warm Up Your ASP.NET 1.1 Application By Batch Compilation

Have you noticed that when ASP.NET web application is accessed for the first time the response is slow? The reason for such behavior is batch compilation that occurs on the first hit. ASP.NET batch compilation is the process of compiling ASP.NET markup (content of aspx files) into temporary dll’s. Compilation requires invoking compiler (csc.exe for…


Performance Sin – Chatty Database Access And Loops (Plus Another Free Performance Tool)

Chatty database access is the surefire way for slow performance caused by  resources starvation that might  even lead to denial of service. Following is a real world case. Customer Service Unavailable message is consistently observed when there are more than 150 users access the web site. We think IIS cannot handle more than 150 users….


Securing IIS7 – Windows Server 2008 Security Guide

Windows Server 2008 Security Guide is out. It covers many crucial aspects but my favorite of course is IIS7 chapter: Chapter 6: Hardening Web Services This chapter provides prescriptive guidance for hardening the Web Server role. The chapter discusses how the Web server role installs Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, which has been redesigned…


ASP.NET 2.0 Internet Security Reference Implementation – Have It Handy

JD Meier writes in his blog: The ASP.NET 2.0 Internet Security Reference Implementation is a sample application complete with code and guidance.  Our purpose was to show patterns & practices security guidance in the context of an application scenario. We used Pet Shop 4 as the baseline application and tailored it for an internet facing scenario. …


Composite Application Block (CAB) Programming Essentials – Crucial For CAB Performance

Rich Newman  posted awesome guides for Composite Application Block (CAB) programming: Table of Contents: Introduction to CAB/SCSF Part 1 Modules and Shells Part 2 WorkItems Part 3 Introduction to Dependency Injection Part 4 An Aside on Inversion of Control, Dependency Inversion and Dependency Injection Part 5 Dependency Injection and the Composite Application Block Part 6…


Examining WCF Diagnostic Traces Using Service Trace Viewer Tool (SvcTraceViewer.exe)

Service Trace Viewer Tool (SvcTraceViewer.exe) tool comes with Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for Windows Vista™ and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components. It allows to view WCF diagnostics traces in very convenient way. “Using Service Trace Viewer for Viewing Correlated Traces and Troubleshooting” article explains how. Specifically I used it for two scenarios Troubleshooting when…


Authentication And Identity Flow When ASP Page Consumes ASP.NET Web Service

“Classic” ASP has application isolation that is different from ASP.NET. Here is one of the real world scenarios where it might matter. There is a legacy web application written in ASP and hosted on Win2K3 box (IIS 6.0). It is of course in the process of migration to ASP.NET. As part of the migration process there were several…


Client Certificates Authentication – Dirty Trick To Disable CRL Check. For Demos Only!

My lab domain has MS CA installed in it so I am able to issue certificates to the left and to the right. Recently I spent some time to understand why client certificates authentication does not work. More precisely the certificates dialog box was offering no client certificate to chose, as depicted below: I first thought it…