Measuring ASP.NET Performance Using Counters

Following is a list of performance counters I am usually taking to spot low hanging fruits when measuring ASP.NET performance: Resource utilization \.Processor\%Processor Time \.NET CLR Memory(*)\Allocated Bytes/sec \.NET CLR Memory(*)\% Time in GC \.NET CLR Exceptions(*)\# of Exceps Thrown / sec \.NET CLR Loading(*)\Current Assemblies Throughput \.NET CLR LocksAndThreads(*)\Contention Rate / sec \.NET CLR…


ASP.NET Performance: Web Application Gets Slow Periodically – “Sudden” Traffic Spikes

A customer complained that his web application gets slow each morning at specific times. The rest of the day the application was providing satisfactory performance in terms of response time. The assumption was that at that times all employees sign in creating unexpectedly high traffic which caused the slow response We needed to verify it….


ASP.NET Performance: Web Application Gets Slow Periodically – IIS Recycles

A customer complained that his ASP.NET web application gets slow periodically. It happens at random times, the system just gets slow then after few minutes it gets back on track with normal response times. One of the reasons for such behavior is an AppPool default recycling policy set in IIS. Default AppPool Recycling Policy in…


Enterprise Architect’s Best Friend Is Production System Engineer

     Dear software architect! When you build your new system. Do you think about end users? Of, course you are! That is why you build this new system – your end users demand it. If you think about end users – can you tell me who are they? Right, the people who will actually use…


Design For Operations [DFO] – Problems And Solution Frame

patterns & practices team maintains Design for Operations [DFO] project on codeplex. The goal of the project focuses on: “Developing tools and guidance to help enable the development of highly manageable applications on the Windows platform.” This post summarize my understanding of the project’s problems and solutions frame. Most of the content is direct copy…