Cloud Identity Scenarios & Solutions For Developers: Application Architecture

Programming Windows Identity Foundation

I am building a catalog of Cloud Identity Scenarios and Solutions for Developers. Almost finished first batch for Application Architecture scenarios.

It is work in progress that only started. I care to share it earlier than later so it gets corrected on the go. Each scenario has the following structure:

  • Scenario. This includes visual of the scenario and its key attributes.
  • Solution Approach. This includes visual of the solution and how it solves the scenario.
  • Analysis. This includes free text that adds more context to the scenario and solution. It clarifies the solutions apporach, adds details where to get more information, gotchas and pitfalls.
  • Resources. This is collecting of related materials with detailed instructions how to implement the solution. It includes reference to How-To’s and Code Samples.

Here is the first batch of the identity scenarios and solutions for different application architectures:

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