Manage Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS) With PowerShell

Programming Windows Identity Foundation

ACS management is now possible using PowerShell as per Announcing: Sample ACS Cmdlets for the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service. The package is available free for download on Codeplex here - Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets. The immediate utilization of the cmdlets could be for backup and restore, something that is not available currently through the ACS management portal.

Here is what you can do using current version of ACS cmdlets:


  • Add-IdentityProvider
  • Get-IdentityProvider
  • Get-IdentityProviders
  • Remove-IdentityProvider


  • Add-RelyingParty
  • Get-RelyingParties
  • Get-RelyingParty
  • Remove-RelyingParty


  • Add-DefaultPassThroughRules
  • Add-Rule
  • Get-Rule
  • Get-Rules
  • Remove-Rule

Rule Groups

  • Add-RuleGroup
  • Get-RuleGroup
  • Get-RuleGroups
  • Remove-RuleGroup


  • Add-TokenEncryptionKey
  • Add-TokenSigningKey
  • Get-ServiceKey
  • Get-ServiceKeys
  • Remove-ServiceKey


  • Get-AcsManagementToken

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