Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS) v2 – Error Codes and How To Troubleshoot And Fix It

ACS Error Codes page is invaluable resource when you need to troubleshoot and fix errors related to Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS) v2. It is designed to concentrate in one place the following information: Error number, Error Message, and How To Fix columns. It is also broken into several categories so it’d be easier to scan through it looking for related materials and finding the priceless answer faster. The categories are:

  • Active federation protocol errors, including SOAP and WS-Trust
  • OpenID protocol errors
  • Facebook Graph protocol errors
  • General security token service errors, including identity provider metadata
  • Rules engine, data, and management service errors
  • OAuth 2.0 protocol errors
  • Other errors

Bookmark it, it is work in progress but much work is done already so the rubber can hit the road.

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