Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Questions & Answers – Vol. 2

Volume 2 for Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)  Questions & Answers is published. The idea is actively monitor different sources with questions and answers and expose it in coherent easy to find and read Q&A hubs.

This is the second batch of Q&A’s:

  1. Q: How can I control the type of token my STS issues when it is invoked from an active or passive client?
  2. Q: What event trigger should I use to signal the time for population of session variables?
  3. Q: How do I tell AD FS v2.0 which Claims Provider the application is trying to connect with from within the web application?
  4. Q: Is there a way for my application to query a third party STS to get a list of all users that are at least 21 years or older?
  5. Q: How do I configure WIF’s behavior so a user can navigate to a given page, then click ‘login’ to go to an authentication page?
  6. Q: What security consideration should I take when developing and deploying claims aware applications?
  7. Q: Does WIF support OAuth 2.0?
  8. Q: How to configure token replay detection in configuration file?
  9. Q: What Code Samples are available for WIF?
  10. Q: Can I configure SSO with Active Directory for Web Application deployed to Windows Azure?

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