Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) – Preparing Your Competency Document Video Distilled

Alik Levin     Preparing Your Competency Document video goes briefly about the documents the you should submit as a candidate for Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program. Below are the notes I have take while watching the video.

  • Technical depth has least weight
  • MCA is technology  agnostic program.
  • Architect needs to have technical depth in some area of his choice.
  • Architect needs to have the broad knowledge of the existing technologies on the market.
  • Architect must be able to answer the question “Are you able to invest the budget smart?”
  • The documents should reflect you are familiar with organization dynamics – crisis, politics, dealing with tension, etc.
  • Reflect on your role as a leader – what was the impact of your work? How many followed you?
  • Reflect on how you build your succession.
  • Reflect on your mentoring strategies and how many you mentored.
  • Reflect on your communication skills – you are tested for it during the presentation, when reading your docs, and during open question part.
  • Reflect on  how you communicate with peers and people inside you projects.
  • Reflect on methodologies you used to organize the project.
  • Show you are able to communicate in common language – do not reinvent the toolbox to each project.
  • Reflect on your strategy skills– strategic decision making, strategic thinking, being able make decision, shape decision, suggest decision to leadership based on trends in industry.


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