Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) – Preparing For The Review Board Interview Video Distilled

Alik Levin    Review  board interview is the critical part of the MCA certification program. It is discussed in the Preparing for the Review Board Interview video. Below are the notes I have taken when I watched the video.

  • Key to success is no different of any other interview.
  • Before interview you should make yourself very familiar with the documents you submitted (resume, case study, presentation, skills template, etc).
  • You should be well prepared for  presentation.
  • Ensure presentation compliments the submitted materials/documents.
  • Practice the presentation.
  • Familiarize with competencies – show you mastered it.
  • The interview conducted by 7 people – practice and rehearse with friend, instruct them to make it hard for you, not harsh but be a tough crowd.
  • Ask to provide feedback.
  • When you asked a question you  do not know the answer – say you do not know it, do not try to make up the answer, chances one of the board members knows it well and you might only make it worse.
  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Do not ramble – time is precious.
  • Relax – watch the videos, should not be anything new to you.


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