Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) Review Board Interview Video Distilled

Alik Levin    I was watching MCA Review Board Interview video as part of my preparation to the MCA program. Following are the notes I have taken while watching the video:

  • Review process conducted quarterly.
  • The board of 7 members reviews 13 candidates during a week.
  • 3 hours per candidate
  • The process:
    • 10 minutes for set up.
    • Introductions.
    • 30 minutes presentation to the board.
    • Candidate shows the 7 skills throughout the presentation.
    • During 30 minutes of the presentation it is candidate’s prime time, only interrupted for clarifying. Generally no interruptions.
    • Show 7 competencies.
    • 10 minutes for each member of the board to ask questions.
    • Precision technique questions methods – expect to be cut off.
    • 5 minutes break – candidate leave the room – the board discusses what they saw and what they did not.
    • 10 minutes Q&A – wide open questions.
    • 5 minutes for closing remarks – candidate may say thanks or add whatever he likes.
    • Done
  • Members go through process of determining whether the candidate deserves MCA – thumbs up/down, giving each competencies “does not meet”, “meets” or “exceeds” mark.
  • The board shares general impressions and notes taken during 2 hours review process.
  • The board makes recommendations – provide feedback to the candidate where he can improve.
  • Final vote, thumbs up/down.
  • 3 members must give thumbs up to achieve the MCA certification.
  • The candidate should expect an email after two weeks with the decision on his performance during the review.


Comments (2)

  1. Jimmy May says:

    This is a fantastic post, Alik!  It’s a great summary.  I didn’t know the interview video existed.

    Congrats on your intentions, & good luck!

  2. Alik Levin says:

    Thank you, Jimmy!

    I am distilling the rest of the videos too – stay tuned 😉

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