Why My ASP.NET Application’s Performance Is Less Than Optimal?

 Alik Levin    From my recent engagements I collected few performance anti-patterns that make ASP.NET web application to perform the way that is less than optimal. Many related to architecture and design.
Below is the list of the anti-patterns and related materials on how to identify, analyze, and fix it.
Have fun - if you feel like sharing your own experiences - that would rock my world!

ASP.NET Performance not optimal

by striatic

Why My ASP.NET Application Slow?

Lcked file in ASP.NET application CPU

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  1. Great list!!

    Linked to the session overuse I would add "beware of session overuse when moving it to out-of-proc (ie. sql state server)" one more latency point is introduced (network, db access)

  2. Alik Levin says:

    Thank you, Jaime!

    Your point regarding the out-of-proc session is generally very good. The thing is that I compiled the list based on my own experiences – something i personally dealt with. I never hit out-of-proc session DB or Service.

    Anyway, thanks for the insight!

  3. gOODiDEA.NET says:

    .NET ASP.NET Routing performance compare to HttpHandler LINQ on Objects Performance Why My ASP.NET Application

  4. gOODiDEA says:


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