Silverlight – Browser Cache And Performance Optimization

 Alik Levin    I was recently involved in the discussion about how Silverlight application is handled by the browser regarding browser cache. After quick research I have found two great articles by Dino Esposito that contain good explanation of the topic and also offers more caching solutions for improving the performance of pages that host Silverlight application

Silverlight browser cache

by emdot

Managing Dynamic Content Delivery In Silverlight, Part 1 – January 2009

"The XAP package that you get from the Web server has no special meaning to the browser. The browser, therefore, will cache it as it caches anything else it gets from a Web server, adhering to the request cache policies determined by the cache-control and "expires" HTTP header in the request or similar meta tags in the host HTML page.

A XAP package contains a manifest and one or more assemblies. One of the assemblies contains the entry point of the application; other assemblies are just referenced assemblies. The XAML for the user interface is stored in the resources of the entry point assembly. A XAP package is created by the Visual Studio 2008 extension for Silverlight 2 when you create and build the project."

Managing Dynamic Content Delivery In Silverlight, Part 2 – February 2009

"Caching the XAP package doesn't mean caching individual resources such as DLLs, XAML animations, or multimedia content. In the current implementation, resources are extracted from the XAP package every time they are used."

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