What Do Solution Architect And Enterprise Architect Do?

 Alik Levin    I am aspiring Architect and I am on my quest to become an MCA: Solutions certification (Microsoft Certified Architect).

To start off I first need to have an idea what's expected from the Architect. I need to know what key characteristics are common to all effective architects.

I need to create a role model, a vision so can better develop myself as an architect.

This is what I discovered reading What Architect Job Roles Are Recognized By the Microsoft Certified Architect Program?


by Hamed Saber

Enterprise architects

  • Communicate primarily with corporate business owners and staff architects.
  • Experts in the vertical industry in which they work.
  • Responsible for meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Set the overall vision and framework for the IT environment.
  • Main focus is on the IT environment from a strategic business perspective
  • Engage primarily in the envisioning stages of projects.

Solutions architects

  • Communicate mainly with business owners within a company and with the technical staff that delivers the solution.
  • Affect the enterprise.
  • Design the solution to take advantage of the existing assets.
  • Integrate the assets into the existing environment.
  • Follow the enterprise architecture
  • Solve the business problems of the business owner or unit.
  • Take a project through envisioning and design
  • Consultative to the project manager
  • Problems are escalated to the solutions architect.
  • Create line of business-based solutions
  • Integrate with the existing infrastructure
  • Designs solutions supported by the operations group.
  • Do not manage the technical staff.
  • Demonstrate their skills as a technologist and persuade the staff regarding the validity and approach to the solution.
  • Gather business requirements.
  • Select the technologies that provide the best solution.
  • Identify the products available that will best fit the solution.
  • Focus include integration, workflow, and applications

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