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 Alik Levin    What is Enterprise Architect? Who is Enterprise Architect? There are tons of descriptions and definitions. These definitions get quickly obsolete these days, aren't they. Ask your friends these questions and you will get plenty of answers, not very correlating one to another. Nevertheless, I need to know the answers. I need to know since I want to grow my architectural skills. I started to compile my own list of Sources Of Insight for Enterprise Architect.

Software Architecture

by √oхέƒx™ 

Enterprise Architect Training Resources


What's your sources of insight for Enterprise Architect?

Please share.


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  1. sreejithnair says:

    Hi Levin, The list holds pretty good to start with. Also, i request you to add few more from SOA.


  2. Terry Young says:

    Check out the International Association of Software Architects (IASA)

  3. Alik Levin says:


    Great resource, bookmarked!

    Will consider digging deeper

    Thank you!

  4. Alik Levin's says:

    I was watching MCA Review Board Interview video as part of my preparation to the MCA program. Following

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