How To Generate Unit Test Using WCF Load Test – Quick Steps

     This is quick summary of steps for creating WCF Unit Tests using WCF Load Test available for free on Codeplex. This quick summary created based on the Lab materials that ship with the tool. Quick Resource Box WCF Load Test Summary of steps Step 1. Configure message tracing in the app.config file on client…


Architects UG: 16 Case Studies of ASP.NET Web Performance

    Below is a slide deck for the talk I gave today on Architect UG. The presentation focused on 16 case studies of performance that is less than optimal. The session is focused on baking performance engineering into the development lifecycle. Each case study has a link to the detailed walkthrough and relevant resources on…


Free Web Performance Tools From Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, And IBM

     This post is a quick overview of free performance tools available from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and IBM. It also contains a pointers to related articles that go deeper regarding the best practices and how the tools can help in identifying compliance to the best practices. Quick Resource Box: Microsoft’s Fiddler (Performance Tuning with Fiddler)…


High Level Digest On Windows Azure Services Platform

    I was reading a white paper called An Introduction to Microsoft .NET Services for Developers while taking few quick notes. The notes might be beneficial to those who wants to quickly get an idea what Windows Azure is. Here is what I have captured: Azure – Windows in the cloud, software and data stored…

Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) – Preparing Your Competency Document Video Distilled

     Preparing Your Competency Document video goes briefly about the documents the you should submit as a candidate for Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program. Below are the notes I have take while watching the video. Technical depth has least weight MCA is technology  agnostic program. Architect needs to have technical depth in some area of…

Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) – Preparing For The Review Board Interview Video Distilled

    Review  board interview is the critical part of the MCA certification program. It is discussed in the Preparing for the Review Board Interview video. Below are the notes I have taken when I watched the video. Key to success is no different of any other interview. Before interview you should make yourself very familiar…


Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) Review Board Interview Video Distilled

    I was watching MCA Review Board Interview video as part of my preparation to the MCA program. Following are the notes I have taken while watching the video: Review process conducted quarterly. The board of 7 members reviews 13 candidates during a week. 3 hours per candidate The process: 10 minutes for set up….


Hollywood’s Project Management System

What if I tell you there is a project management system that works? By “works” I mean it helps completing projects on time, on budget, on spec. No more 2% slip. Think such system does not exist? It does exist in Hollywood. Not in the movies. The system is wide spread across major film studios….


Understanding ASP.NET MVC Code (For Aspiring Architects) – #3

     This post is a digest of the Understanding Models, Views, and Controllers (C#). It helps to quickly understand the generated code when creating ASP.NET MVC project in Visual Studio. Resources  Understanding Models, Views, and Controllers (C#). ASP.NET MVC Project in Visual Studio Three folders created:  Models, Views (ASPX pages sit here), Controllers Urls are…


How ASP.NET MVC Works (For Aspiring Architects) – #2

     This post briefly describes ASP.NET MVC request processing model. It is digested and based on Understanding the MVC Application Execution Process (MSDN) Resources  Understanding the MVC Application Execution Process (C#) Understanding the MVC Application Execution Process (MSDN) ASP.NET MVC Execution Process Stage Details Receive first request for the application In the Global.asax file, Route…