Cannot Install Visual Studio 2008 On Vista (Including Resolution)

 Alik Levin    Now I can. But I could not install Visual Studio 2008 on my Vista box few minutes ago. Here is the chronicles of the case that was resolved using Sysinternals' Process Monitor. After running the setup.exe and getting the splash as depicted on the right I was clicking on the "Install Visual Studio 2008" option but nothing was happening. Absolutely nothing. There was slight blink but installation never started. image


I decided to ran Process Monitor to understand what's happening under the hood, while filtering the activity of my setup.exe:


After reviewing the output I've noticed that the install program gets mixed with the path where the installation resides (notice the space between "Partition" and "E"):


I decided to move the installation folder into something conventional like C:\Setup. After that the installation started and finished successfully.


Do not panic - use free Sysinternals tools to solve your problems :). Shana Tova!

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Comments (4)
  1. Vince says:

    I have the same problem, but i don’t find the path mix…

    Can you give some details please ?

  2. Alik Levin says:

    Vince, what’s the path to the setup.exe file?

  3. LosManos says:

    The setup should be the one in the root on the DVD.

  4. LosManos says:

    I had a similar problem where the setup.exe file just died on me.

    I had downloaded the ISO from MSDN and mounted it with Microsoft Virtual CDRom Control Panel.  Like AlikL said I copied the whole virtual DVD to a local folder and somefiles where corrupt.  (even though the microsoft download transfer manager checks the contents after downloading)

    I downloaded the DVD ISO again.  Starting through the MSVirtualCDRom just killed setup.exe.  I copied to a local folder and am installing right now.

    happy hacking!

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