Software Release Management – The Questionnaire

    Have you been involved with Application Lifecycle Management consulting? Have you helped to build solid Release Management process? If so I need your insights. I started my research with a quick search and I have stumbled on the following article that perfectly matched my online search: 7 Ways to Improve Your Software Release Management….


"The Most Important Act In Consulting Is Setting The Right Fee."

     This is what Gerald M. Weinberg writes in his book Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully. The book is full of great advices to consultants like myself and to those who hire consultants.  Weinberg discusses many other topics spiced with stories from trenches. But in this post I am…


Consulting And Security Reviews – How To Get Everyone Onboard

     Security reviews are a respected methodology.  People know about them, and probably use them semi-regularly. Ask anyone if security reviews are important, and they would all say yes.  Ask them if they do it regularly, and most would say no. Related Materials Three Laws Of Consulting By Gerald M. Weinberg Security Code Review –…


Agile Method And Gemba Kaizen

     JD Meier published recently great post covering Agile Method. After reading it I could clearly see the lines connecting the method JD described with the Japanese Gemba Kaizen – common sense, low cost approach of managing workplace effectively. Related Resources: Agile Architecture Method Core Values Of Agile Manifesto Gemba Kaizen – Three Step Approach…


Three Laws Of Consulting By Gerald M. Weinberg

    As part of my quest to become a better consultant I am reading Gerald M. Weinberg’s book Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully . It is quite controversial and provocative book. At the same time Weinberg shares real world practices that help folks in the field like myself coping…


DebugView – Free Simple Tool To Quickly Identify Performance Problems

    DebugView is well known free tool from Systinternals (Microsoft). Vast majority of developers is aware of its existence. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to write this post following my practice of journaling my technical accomplishments during engagements with the customers. Yesterday the tool helped us identify serious performance problem without installing profiler or even taking memory…


Core Values Of Agile Manifesto

     I am reading  Agile Portfolio Management by Jochen Krebs as an effort to build/strengthen my project management skills specifically focusing on Agile methodologies. Krebs provides good introduction to relevant agile methodologies like XP, Scrum, and others. He also covers briefly the history of the method including the coverage of Agile Manifesto and its core…


Two Crucial Lessons Every Consultant Must Learn First

     Good consultant is a leader. If not, why hire one anyway? I was reading Gerald M. Weinberg’s book Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach . This is good book that helps you build technical (and beyond) leadership skills. Good consultant paves the path to an optimal solution for the problem at hand….


SQL Server Performance Insights From The Pro

     Jimmy May, my colleague and a good friend, started to blog recently. Jimmy is one of the most accomplished SQL Server Performance professionals. Point your RSS reader to Jimmy’s RSS feed and start absorbing SQL Server Performance he readily shares. Here are few recent pearls from Jimmy: PerfMon Objects, Counters, Thresholds, & Utilities for…


Seven Characteristics Of High Performing Consultant

     After I’ve read Kenneth H. Blanchard’s book Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service I fell in love with the author. The next book on my list from Blanchard was The One Minute Manager.  It was less entertaining than "Raving Fans…" book but it answered the questions I was looking the answers so…