Why I Blog – Looking Back

In Why I Blog post I set my blogging goals, now it is time to review where I am standing:

  • Journaling
    • Above 80 posts for last half year since I started to blog on MSDN.
    • I constantly use my blog to fish something I know I've done but forgotten how.
  • Stretch myself
    • Invested in WCF that helped me to cope with real world issues during engagements with my customers.
  • Self test over time
    • Looking at my tag cloud I can see that I am investing in what I planned - Security and Performance.
    • The tag space is not big - meaning I am focused.
  • Marketing
    • I think this one failed. I do not get too much comments. To be precise - almost none.
    • Must think of improvements here.
  • Networking
    • I have created several loyal readers so I can share my thoughts and get some feedback directly.
    • Must improve here too though.
  • Express myself
    • No doubt I like blogging very much.
  • Share
    • There are few people who even book marked my stuff - I assume they found it useful. Cool.


    Seems like I mostly hit the goals I set, I also know what to improve - any suggestions how?

    Now I can proudly go offline for vacation :).

    Good bye dear Inbox...


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