Why I Blog

I blog for the following reasons

  • Journaling

    • I journal what I do. It is about simple reuse. Kind of personal del.icio.us

  • Stretch myself

    • I am consultant and practitioner. I need some cost effective way to constantly learn new stuff. If I decide to learn something new I blog about it telling the world I am in for that topic. Now I have some sort of obligation to dig deeper into the topic.

  • Self test over time

    • It helps me evaluate myself over the time and understand what I improved and what I should improve more.

  • Marketing

    • It is simple matter of self marketing. Telling the world what I can do. This obliges me to post valuable stuff only. In return I get connected to “My world” people – see next bullet.

  • Networking

    • Create my viral network. It is great to connect to more people that involved with similar areas I like.

  • Express myself

    • I really love writing, it became kind of hobby, I extremely enjoy it.

  • Share

    • It is great pleasure of giving. Especially giving something valuable. I start finding people reference my posts as solutions to their problems. Is not it fantastic to share something valuable that helps? According to couple of religions (here is one example) people of my age (35) reach the stage where they’ve seen enough and it is time to start sharing experiences learned over the time. I love the idea and the feeling is great.

I I block some time for blogging. This way I know that I always get time to journal and share my learnings.




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  1. alik levin's says:

    In Why I Blog post I set my blogging goals, now it is time to review where I am standing: Journaling

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