Waste No Time For Meeting Summaries

I always do meeting summaries. It keeps track for what/who/when. I do not care to do summaries for someone else, even better - it puts me in control. But I never spend my time to summarize after the meeting but during the meeting. The moment the meeting ends I show every one what I've written to make sure every one agrees on action items and responsibilities - saves a lots of time and energy and multiple interpretation afterwards.

I use no smart templates for the meeting summaries. The most important is to capture what to do, who is responsible to do it and the due time.

I use simple posts to my Outlook Inbox (ctrl+shift+S). Once in my Inbox I treat it as incoming action item just as other email that gets into it. Actually my OL Inbox serves me as a pipeline that I mentioned in My life Definitely Changed - Focus Is The Key.


Here is how I manage my pipeline (my Inbox) the way it stays clean - My Pipeline Is My Inbox

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