My life Definitely Changed – Focus Is The Key

Today I am much more efficient and I feel that it gets me more effectiveness. Every minute counts - EVERY. Sometimes I think I am stopping being a human but programmed machine. The only thing that gets me relief is that the programmer is me (trying not to think about The Matrix...)

As a consultant I used to have that feeling of almost fear while juggling "what do I do today? tomorrow? how much time left for this project? that project? What is my utilization - am I on track? I need to take child care leave - how the schedules are affected?" - my head was going crazy. Well, I may be taking it too far :), but context switching is of high rate indeed. For years I tried different techniques, some good, some less.

What I definitely understood is that it is no matter what I am about to do - it is all about my time - work, home, family, etc. So I need to have some effective way to manage my time. Or better off manage pipeline of my daily, weekly, monthly tasks.

While I managed to create my practice for managing my pipeline I found that the approach described in Using Scannable Outcomes with My Results Approach suits my needs while adjusting it a bit for myself. It helped me to focus on my all tasks while keeping track of it - both work and personal life.

As a result, I feel that my mind much less stretched letting my body to relax, I am in better control of my tasks - current and upcoming.

I think the best way to describe my success is quoting my peer who confessed to me "Alik, I am constantly probing you to see how much time it will take you to give me concrete answer to my questions I send you via email. So far you manage to stay in 10 minutes range...".

I am not a magician - it is just simple technique of managing my pipeline in scannable way helps me staying on top.

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  1. alik levin's says:

    I keep seeing folks with thousands emails inside their Inbox… I hardly can get it. Actually I do not

  2. alik levin's says:

    I always do meeting summaries. It keeps track for what/who/when. I do not care to do summaries for someone

  3. alik levin's says:

    My life Definitely Changed When I understood that Focus Is The Key , I just realized that Ford, my car,

  4. alik levin's says:

    I am not marketing guy, nor strategic one – I really do not know why I started to read this post – Why

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