Code Inspection – First Look For What To Look For

Reposted from Security Code Inspection - First Look For What To Look For for further reuse on this blog.

I found it extremely productive to first look for strings in the code. But what strings to look for? And how to look for the strings? Looking into the source files?

My good friend FindStr is of great help here:

So first let's find what to look for:

Ildasm.exe secureapp.dll /text | findstr ldstr

This is what I've got using it:

Wouldn't it trigger you think of authorization data doing roundtrip thus vulnerable to tampering and elevation of privileges?

Wouldn't it trigger you think there is some custom authentication mechanism that potentially could be vulnerable thus enabling identity spoofing?


Wouldn't it trigger you think.....


So once you have these strings you use same FindStr to find actual files to inspect:

findstr /S /M /I /d:c:\projects\yourweb "StringOfInterestGoesHere" *.cs


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