Starting next week: Making Money Building HTML5 Apps for the Windows Store

  If you are a Web Developer, we want to show you how to make money with your Windows 8 app using the Windows Store. We’ll help you use the skills you already have to adopt the Windows look and feel, system integration and touch-enablement to create beautiful, cash-cow apps. This full day event offers…


Scott Guthrie and Microsoft at Silicon Valley Code Camp October 6-7

Ready for the largest code camp in the country?  Scott Guthrie, VP Server & Tools will be delivering a 2-part Windows Cloud Walkthrough.  Windows Cloud Walkthrough with Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, VP Server & Tools Here are some other sessions from Microsoft folks you should check out: Windows 8 Design & Development sessions with Jeremy Foster…


HTML5 WebCamp: Get your HTML5 web apps up and running!

Download WebMatrix if you haven’t already. Download the Video Lab and Lap Around IE9/HTML5 Lab. Check out IIS preview offers if you don’t already have web hosting. This is a video preview of my demo at HTML5 WebCamps:


Stanford CS194: Senior Software Design resources from Microsoft

CS194: Senior Project was one of my favorite classes at Stanford, because it was an opportunity to build a project based on societal needs using the coolest technology out there.  My team designed and implemented a project leveraging the Nintendo Wiimote; but today with the Kinect for Windows sensor, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Azure,…


Now that you have your HTML5 developer tools, check out these 10 HTML5 web designer tools

Maybe you’ve attended a free HTML5 WebCamp or you’re planning on attending an upcoming DevCamp.  Either way, you should be equipped with developer tools like WebMatrix, Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, or even Visual Studio.  You’re seeing how well IE9 supports your HTML5 web app and checking out what’s to come in IE10. Now that…


Free DevCamps: Learn HTML5, Windows Phone, and Azure all in one day!

Developer Camps (DevCamps for short) are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. You learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned.  Where else can you get so much good stuff all in a day?  DevCamp may even have Disneyland beat, and this is…


HTML5 made easy with HTML5 Cheat Sheets for tags and event handler attributes

Here are some HTML5 Cheat Sheets provided by InMotion Hosting to make your life easier when it comes to HTML5.  Thanks for sharing, InMotion Hosting!   HTML5 Cheat Sheet—Tags HTML5 Cheat Sheet By InMotion Hosting – A Virtual Private Servers Provider   HTML5 Cheat Sheet—Event Handler Attributes HTML5 Cheat Sheet By InMotion Hosting – A…