Students: How to set up your free Windows Store developer account with DreamSpark

Are you a student?  Good news!  You can publish and sell apps in the Windows Store for free!  But how do you set this up?  Hpefully this will simplify the process for you.

First, go to and click on “Learn more” under “DreamSpark for Students.”


Click on “Create Account” to set up your DreamSpark account.  This is your student account that provides you with free helpful resources from Microsoft.


Fill out your information and “continue to verify.”


You can get your account verified in one of three ways: (1) using your school .EDU email address (2) using your ISIC card number or (3) using a verification code that you may have received from a Microsoft representative.


Once your account is verified you can sign into DreamSpark at


You can confirm that you’re verified once you sign in under “Create Account.”  Now click on “app development” at the top.


Click on “Learn more” under the Windows 8 section.


Scroll down and click on “Get your Registration Code.”


Click on “Get code Now.”  Keep this tab open, so you can use this code later when you’re asked for $49 to set up a Windows Store account.


Open a new tab and go to  Sign in at the top right.  You may need to set up a Microsoft account.  You can either use an existing email address or create a new one to set up your Microsoft account.  This is different from your DreamSpark account, as you can use your Microsoft account to download or publish Windows Store apps, store and share files on SkyDrive, etc.  After you’ve signed in, go to Dashboard.


The first time you sign in on a new device with an account, Microsoft will ask you to verify this account by sending you an access code either via SMS, phone call, or email.


Once you receive the email, text, or phone call with the code, enter and submit the code you just received.  This may take a few minutes to receive, so please be patient.  If you don’t want to do this again on your current device, be sure to check the box.


Now you can start filling out information to set up your account.


Your DreamSpark account comes with a free Individual account.  Click on “Enroll now.”


Accept the terms and conditions of the App Developer Agreement.


Remember that registration code you got earlier from the DreamSpark account?  It should be open in the other tab.  Enter that and click on “Update total.”  Your total should become 0.00

You’ll be asked to provide a credit card for verification purposes.  Microsoft will withdraw a small amount (<$5) from your account, then put it back and ask you to verify the amount.


Congratulations!  You’re all set up with a free Windows Store developer account, and you’re ready to submit apps to the Windows Store!


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  1. ridzaq says:

    but it still ask credit card information after I enter registration code.

  2. ridzaq says:

    ooh, juz saw you mentioned that…it doesnt make sense asking student for credit card details

  3. dan says:

    as a student in nigeria would this program be available in my country?

  4. qwerty13 says:

    ah, i haven't any credit card…

    it's no free!

    i want to publish my win8 app like my winphone apps… 🙁

  5. dinah says:

    its a disgusting experience uploading the app, credit cards, registrtion codes and mention it all.

  6. raju says:

    this steps is different after "enroll now" button is clicked.

  7. raju says:

    i am from india, so i want to know how to enter phone number in the data entry field by clicking the "enroll now" button in

  8. sagivasan says:

    my college is not listed in this

    sri ram engineering college, thirvallur, chennai

  9. Rohan says:

    Well, not in my case. They ask me to download parent/guardian consent form. but i'm still in college and i am a student.

  10. natty says:

    i do no have my code because after i' am register i do not nkow where i drop my code

  11. Dr Lecter says:

    You start to play a guitar not for money you play for love and joy… you start to learn c++ in the same way don´t pay to Micro$oft and don´t let them to control your creations and don´t go with the brainwashed army of developers on a closed enviroment of "certificated software developer$"… think big… corporate software under control of the USA corps and Gov and they are billing you to!? Imagine a world with just one kind of music to allowed to compose and you must pay just for play!! "welcome to windows mob"  

  12. rudroo says:

    This people want credit cards now cmon just seriously credit card nwa kw chole

  13. ivan says:

    Now you can create free account in Windows Store without any problems. Microsoft introduced new program called "Dev Center Benefits". You can find instruction here:…/how-to-get-free-developer-account-in-the-windows-store-windows-phone-store

    May be you can add this information in your article.

  14. tanuj namdeo says:

    hello everyone. i am student from a very small high school in India. i want to publish my game. but i am not getting verified. i submitted all the documents available to me. but still i am not getting verified. what to do?

  15. Jay says:

    Dear microsoft, I love windows phone OS, I first couldn't dev cuz I didnt have a windows 8, I saved and bought one, now I can't dev cuz I don't have a credit card, you are making it impossible for us upcoming devs, and we are the same people you are trying to attract, make it simpler for us and there will be more of us around windows phone OS

  16. Vaibhav Khulbe says:

    Hey there, I'm facing some issues in verifying my user status.

    1. In the Get verified through my school option I can't see name of my school situated in Ghaziabad, India.

    2. And how to get a verification code? Where do I get a Microsoft representative or what should ask my school authorities?


  17. P G Kirubakaran says:

    Why always Microsoft doing a stupid thing in all its product !? May be that's it cannot become the acceptable brand ever.

  18. Kindlerman says:

    This is the most supercomplicated registration process I have ever seen!

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