Make your website more social with helpers

The NuGet gallery in WebMatrix 2 Beta, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE, makes it easy to add helpers to your website.  You can make your website more social by adding commonly used functions from Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, etc.  Let’s see how we can enhance the photo gallery site created in my previous post by leveraging a Twitter helper to get me more followers @alicerp.

Click on the dropdown menu of the NuGet gallery at the top right and select Twitter.Helper.


Install the NuGet package and Accept the end-user license agreement.



As you can see, the Twitter.Helper package has been added to your packages under App_Data->packages.


Let’s get people to follow me on my page footer.  Open your PageFooter.cshtml file.  Notice when you start typing @Twitter. code completion (aka IntelliSense) kicks in with some options.


Add FollowButton and a string for my Twitter handle.



Click Run and check out the new page footer!



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  1. Simone says:

    Looking forward to more posts like these!  Thanks!

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