BarCamp San Diego and slides from my talk (Create, Customize, and Publish Your WordPress Blog in 25 Minutes! with WebMatrix)

This past weekend I drove two hours south to spend the weekend at BarCamp San Diego ( following HTML5 WebCamp LA.  If I’ve learned anything about BarCamps from attending two (my first one was in Los Angeles earlier this year), a BarCamp completely embraces the unconference style in every aspect.  With an unconference, the agenda is very much dependent on the attendees, who throw up sessions on a wall at the start of the event; but what makes a BarCamp different from other unconferences I’ve been to is that each BarCamp has its own unique character.  I drove up a windy road to the top of a hill to find the elementary school venue for BarCamp LA, which involved a full day of sessions for teaching kids how to program; while BarCamp SD was held at Intuit, complete with a robot running around and a sleepover to continue with the networking and sharing of interests in technology and hobbies.  Thanks to the attendees and organizers, especially Dan and Phelan, for making me (and Microsoft) feel welcome.  Here are some photos from sessions and the sessions when we began posting them in the morning (I really should have gotten a shot of all the sessions at the end):

bcsd collage

And here are the slides from my talk entitled, “Create, Customize, and Publish Your WordPress Blog in 25 Minutes! with WebMatrix.”  I ended up stopping my slides halfway and simply going through demos, but here they are for those who wanted them:

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