Important IE Security Updates have been released.

We released two critical updates to Internet Explorer yesterday as well as one critical security update to the Shell code. Read the Security Bulletin or check out the Bruce’s Post on the IE Blog for more details. I encourage everyone to download and install all these updates if you haven’t done so already. Ali


Security Vulnerability in FireFox

I just came across this Phishing Vulnerability in Firefox  wherein you can spoof the source URL in the download dialog box. Just another one of the many reasons to believe that without security, no amount of progress can be made. We need to make browsers secure before they can do any fancy UI dance !   “Secunia rated…


Microsoft AntiSpyWare

Check out Microsoft AntiSpyware (meaningful naming 🙂 ) its still a beta version so there are some issues with it. Be careful when deleting any files, sometimes malware names conflict with some legit windows filenames. One such case is the file Location: C:\winnt\system32\tapicfg.exe. This is a legit Server 2003 file, should not be deleted….