Vulnerability Reports in IE7?

The Microsoft Security Response Center has posted a blog entry that talks about this vulnerability that is being reported in the news in IE7. This is a publicly disclosed vulnerability which is actually in Outlook Express (OE) and uses Internet Explorer as a vector. Its not an issue with IE7 or any other version of…


Its finally here!!! Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) for the WORLD!!!

I’m deliberately late in blogging this since I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping the gun, but doesn’t mean I am the least bit less excited about saying this. After 5 years in hibernation, Internet Explorer is finally back with a major version update. Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been released today for Windows…


Some news on IE7 for XP

Hello everyone Dean just posted a message on the IE Blog about IE7 for XP .. enjoy!!


URL Handling in Internet Explorer 7

Its been a while since my last post here. I guess Beta 2 work has been taking most of my time. But I thought I should take some time to point people to the work that I have been doing for Internet Explorer 7. Eric Lawrence, our team’s feature Program Manager recently posted on the…


IE 7 Preview (Limited)

Today, the IE team decided to share some of the details of its upcoming release. Chris Wilson posted on the IE blog about the Alpha PNG support and CSS improvements that have already made it into the product. There are a lot of other things that are waiting for their turn to be unveiled, but…

Next Version of Internet Explorer !!

Bill Gates announced Microsoft’s plan for the next version of Internet Explorer in a speech at a security conference. See this link for more on that announcement. Key point to note .. Internet Explorer 7 will be available on XPSP2 !! Read IE blog for announcement from Dean Hachamovich on this. For updated information in the future about…


Tabbed Browsing in IE vs Other features

Somewhere in one of my posts, someone mentioned Tabbed Browsing and what is stopping the IE team from putting tabs in their browser. Then again someone mentioned that they can live without tabs but they don’t like BHOs taking over their machines. So I thought why not open the room for discussion on this and…