Interesting Post regarding IE and Microsoft AntiSpyware

Just read this article : This is a hoax ofcourse not true (BBlog is a site that provides humor via interesting concoctions). There is (obviously) no truth to this .. IE does NOT get detected as Spyware by Microsoft AntiSpyware software and it will not be removed. The funniest comment in the post was :…


Tabbed Browsing in IE vs Other features

Somewhere in one of my posts, someone mentioned Tabbed Browsing and what is stopping the IE team from putting tabs in their browser. Then again someone mentioned that they can live without tabs but they don’t like BHOs taking over their machines. So I thought why not open the room for discussion on this and…


Security Vulnerability in FireFox

I just came across this Phishing Vulnerability in Firefox  wherein you can spoof the source URL in the download dialog box. Just another one of the many reasons to believe that without security, no amount of progress can be made. We need to make browsers secure before they can do any fancy UI dance !   “Secunia rated…


Microsoft AntiSpyWare

Check out Microsoft AntiSpyware (meaningful naming 🙂 ) its still a beta version so there are some issues with it. Be careful when deleting any files, sometimes malware names conflict with some legit windows filenames. One such case is the file Location: C:\winnt\system32\tapicfg.exe. This is a legit Server 2003 file, should not be deleted….


MSN Toolbar and Desktop Search

has anyone tried the MSN toolbar ? I used the beta version a long time ago. They are working on a new Beta version with Desktop Search integrated. The pop up blocker is good if you’re not using XPSP2 (which you should be)


Introducing my WebLog

hi my name is Ali Alvi. I am a developer for Internet Explorer. I have been working at Microsoft almost for the past 4 years now with (in my opinion) the greatest browser team on the planet. I did my BS in computer science from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). I worked for a while…