Adventures in NUI Part 1

Yesterday I was giving a career talk to a group from Year Up in Microsoft’s Technology Center. (Picture below) A great bunch of people and we had a good time. Well I did and they laughed at all the right places and ate a lot of pizza so I am assuming they did as well….


Can Movie Computer Screens Help Us Design Better

NPR did a story recently on the computer screens that we see in the movies. You know the ones with big read “Access Denied” messages that look nothing like anything you have ever seen in real life. The story was called Hollywood’s Computers: Telling A Story In A Flash and it got me thinking. My…


Who Designed That User Interface

One of the problems with knowing something about programming, computers and user interface design is that when you run into a poor design in the real world it really makes you wonder. I get this every time I use an ATM. Some of the commands require you to press buttons on the side of the…