How Much Feedback Can You Give On Projects?

When grading student projects the easiest thing in the world is to assign a grade and give that as the sole feedback to the student. It requires the minimum amount of work and it satisfies the need to have something in the grade book. Doing that always frustrated me as a classroom teacher. I just…


IT Challenge 2009 Worldwide Competition for High School and College Students Ages 16 and Over

Attention all high school students 16 and over. Are you interested in information technology? Microsoft Imagine Cup Announces the IT Challenge 2009 Worldwide Competition for High School and College Students Ages 16 and Over. This worldwide competition is focused on finding solutions to real-world issues. We need you…to imagine a better world, and then make…


How To Study For A Computer Science Exam

Many years ago I came up with a personal philosophy about studying, especially cramming, for test taking. I looked at my peers and realized that a lot of them worked very hard to cram a lot of information into their heads in a short period of time to prepare for taking a test. Shortly after…


Do Your Students Understand this Cartoon

Lots of people pointed out this cartoon recently. It’s an example of an SQL Injection exploit of course and all the people who referenced it knew that right away. But how many regular (ie. non-geek, non-computing people) do understand it? Probably not many. The bigger problem though is that many people who do understand it…


When the Second Programming Language is Harder to Learn

Mark Guzdial had an interesting blog post recently titled “Why is assessing learning about computing so hard?” The post is mostly about the limited amount of research available on computer science education. That is a problem I’ve worried about more than once myself so I was glad to see him bring some attention to it….