Computer Controversies For Fun and Discussion

I love a good discussion. Pros and cons and honest and hopefully friendly discussion of issue with different opinions make for good learning experiences. One of the things I would like to do should I ever get a full-time advanced computer science course is to ask students to study some controversial topics in computer science…


Tip Calculator Hands On Lab for Windows Phone

This is the basic instructions for the demo I did as part of the Mobile App Development throwdown at the CS & IT Conference July 10th, 2012, Open Visual Studio (you can get it as part of the Windows Phone SDK) and create a new project. Be sure to select Visual C# as the language,…


Big Projects!

Last night I visited Londonderry (NH) High School to see some of their student’s senior projects. I met a student from this school at the FIRST Robotics Championship earlier this year and was told about his team’s  project to create a virtual tour of the school. This school is not far from me and in…


Round 1 Finalists for 2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum

The big news for me yesterday was at Finalists Announced for Round 1 of the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum. I attended this event as a judge last year and learned an incredible amount from these amazing teachers. This first round announced 44 teachers representing 32 projects from across 15 states. Applications are…


Collection of Kinect in Education Links

Thanks to Johnny Kissko (9 Excellent Programming Resources for Kinect) I recently discovered Ray Chambers who is “currently teaching ICT at Lodge Park Technology College in Corby Northamptonshire.” in England  who has been doing a lot with Kinect. Check out some of his more recent blog posts. Kinect Orchestra! – Made using Kinect SDK Beta…


How Many Sorting Algorithms Do Beginners Need To Learn

Do beginners even need to learn sorting algorithms? Let’s face it most modern programming environments have a sort function built in. In the so-called real world just about the only people who write sorting algorithms have PhDs in math or computer science and have likely published papers in peer reviewed journals on the sorting subject….


When Fish Fly

How excited am I about the Partners in Learning Global Forum? I’m seriously thinking of taking vacation days and paying my own way to Washington DC to see if I can “crash” it. I had a great time and learned a lot judging the US event (Innovative Education Forum–Judging Day) this summer. I met some…


What Are The Odds

Now I took three semesters of statistics in college. Unfortunately that was 35 years ago and not as much stuck as I would like. Embarrassing but true. So when someone suggests “calculate the odds” I know that there is a right and mathematically sound statistical formula to do it. On the other hand creating a…


Interesting Projects–A Collection

It seems as though teachers are always looking for new projects to use with students. Projects get stale (at least to a teacher who has been grading lots of them for a long time) or seem to not fit with a current crop of students or just never seem right. So the hunt goes on…


Programming Projects Using Arrays

Not long ago someone posted a query to the AP CS list serve looking for projects that use arrays for them to use in their Visual basic programming course. The response was impressive. I decided to collect them all (with attribution to to people who sent them to the list) because I think it is…