15 Free Computer Science Courses Online

Trying something different today. Here is a guest post by Karen Schweitzer who has found a lot of interesting online courses in computer science. You can also find free curriculum resources at Microsoft’s Faculty Connection. It is no longer necessary to pay tuition and enroll in a formal program to learn more about computer science….


More Free Windows 7 Training

Last night I was in the supermarket and the bag boy noticed my old Windows Longhorn shirt and asked me if I worked for Microsoft. When I replied that I did he told me he was trying out Windows 7 Beta. Quite a world we live in where high school kids are beta testing new…


Windows 7 Learning Snacks

Recently Microsoft Learning launched its first Windows 7 Learning Snack called Introducing Windows 7. A Snack is essentially a short, Silverlight presentation highlighting popular topics that includes various animations and recorded demos. Now there are a couple more snacks out that you may be interested in. And tech support people thinking about what system management…


DreamSpark High School Now Open

Dreamspark is a program that Microsoft first announced last year for college and university students. Ever since then a Dreamspark program for high schools has been “coming.”  Well just before Christmas a beta version of the program and web site soft launched. Soft launch means it was there if you stumbled upon it or if…


Is It Ever Too Early To Teach Security?

About 25 years ago, back in the mini-computer era, I was a developer in an operating system group. My team was working on a brand new print and batch spooling system. We were creating a system with a lot more power and flexibility than the previous system. Plus we were working with an operating system…


Singularity – A Research Operating System

Microsoft Research has released the Singularity Research Development Kit (RDK) and it is now available including source code, build tools, test suites and other materials. What is Singularity? From the project site at CodePlex where you can get the RDK: “Singularity is a research project focused on the construction of dependable systems through innovation in…