Kodu: Mars Edition

Did you follow the landing of the latest Mars rover – Curiosity? Well if you did or even if you just know a bunch of space crazy students the latest version of Kodu is for you. Last week Microsoft announced  (and launched) Kodu:Mars Edition. Download it at http://www.kodugamelab.com . Some of the new features: New…


Interesting Links 6 August 2012

What a great week last week was. My big planned event was a meeting of the ACM/IEEE CS 2013 committee in Seattle WA. As it turns out that meant I was able to attend the closing gala for the Microsoft Partners in Learning US Forum. I’ll have a separate blog with links to that event….


Interesting Links 23 July 2012

I had a great week and a great weekend. Busy weekend with family which is the best way to spend the weekend. I’m late with today’s posts though but hopefully you’ll all forgive me. The Microsoft Research Faculty Summit has put many of the talks from last week online. It’s not all heavy technology. Social…


Studio K – Program to make Kodu Curriculum and Tools more accessible in Classrooms

The other day the Kodu team announced Studio K. What is Studio K you ask?  In my opinion it’s the biggest curriculum, teaching and overall educational news about Kodu since Kodu was announced. From the announcement on the Kodu blog: Collaborating with Microsoft and the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Foundation, the Educational Research group at…


Finalists for the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum

Today the US Partners in Learning team announced the Finalists for the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum. There are a lot of great projects in that list and I do urge you to not only look though them but share them with other educators you may know who are open to interesting and…


Round 1 Finalists for 2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum

The big news for me yesterday was at Finalists Announced for Round 1 of the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum. I attended this event as a judge last year and learned an incredible amount from these amazing teachers. This first round announced 44 teachers representing 32 projects from across 15 states. Applications are…


How Young Can/Should You Start Teaching Programming?

Or perhaps how young should you try? And to top if off, why do you want to start them so young in the first place? I received the following from a teacher friend of mine the other day and it has had me thinking ever since. Can you please tell me why anyone thinks it…


Some Serious Fun With Kodu Programming

As regular readers know I am a huge fan of Kodu, the highly graphical, easy to program game development product from Microsoft Research. It is easy enough that an 8 year old can create some great fun games with it (and some smart younger kids have done cool stuff as well) so it is easy…


One Option for How to Teach Kodu

I recently ran some workshops to prepare students to be peer mentors and to mentor younger students with Kodu. The method I suggest is to have mentors show students some small steps and then let the students try. The latest version of Kodu has some really nice step by step lessons that students can do…


Time Flies When Learning Is Fun

I did some work workshops with the great people from Digital Wish again this week (see also Teaching Teachers and Students Together) We did a full day workshop on web development using Expression Web using the Heavy Metal Car tutorial workshop from http://expression.microsoft.com/education We were able to cram a lot of learning into one day…