Cloud Fundamentals Video Series

The Trustworthy Computing group has been recording a series on Cloud computing fundamentals. The series (some 25 videos) wraps up this week with a series finale. There are a lot of issues with cloud computing including privacy, transparency, security, and more. These videos capture industry leaders talking about these issues and providing some great information…

Bytes by MSDN and TechNet

Microsoft has just started a new series of blogs that will highlight various developers and IT professionals from around the US and beyond. This is a chance to see and hear interviews with a lot of people who are in the business and can speak to what new technologies mean to them and their businesses….

CSTA Podcast Series

Getting ready for school to start? I understand that students are already returning in some parts of the US. Over the next three weeks or so most students will be back in class again. Are you interested in listening to some interesting podcasts to get yourself ready and get some ideas for the new year?…

Useful Links June 8 2009

I was on jury duty for most of this week. That took up quite a bit of my time and I didn’t have much time for blogging, Twittering or much else of what I usually do during my work days. I did manage to collect a few good links though. Some came from Twitter (follow…

Challenge and Success – Behind the Code with Rebecca Norlander

The latest “Behind the Code” interview at Channel 9 is with Rebecca Norlander who is an executive with Microsoft. She started as a software developer and moved up and up in the company into a very senior role. So if you are looking for another example of the field not being all male this is…


Articles About STEM Education

Lately (and about time if you ask me)  the problem of computer science enrollment in particular and STEM (science, technology, engineering and Math) in general seem to be getting more attention. Here are a couple of articles that people have brought to my attention that I think are worth sharing. Save STEM or watch America…


Pitching Your Idea – An Interview About Presentations

Perry Lowe, a marketing professor at Bentley College and Philip DesAutels, were at the recent US Imagine Cup finals giving some presentations to the competitors. They were talking to the teams about making presentations about new ideas to venture capital companies specifically but with points that are really about all kinds of presentations to convince….


Getting A Job – The Blizzard Edition

This week Clint posted his interview with John Cash from Blizzard Entertainment over at Channel 8. The “money line” in the interview is something like “you know that math you think you’ll never need? Well you’re going to need it.” John keeps his college physics and calculus textbooks at his desk and uses them regularly….

Microsoft Game Studio On Who They Hire

Clint Rutkas has posted his interview with Frank Savage from Microsoft Gaming Studios over on Channel 8. Frank talks about what it takes to get a job in the game industry. He talks about the need for students to take math and physics in the first few minutes so make your students listen. I think…


Computer History Links

Recently at SIGCSE there was a panel on Perspectives on History in Computing and Education with John Impagliazzo, Bill Aspray, Mary Anne Egan, and Vicki Almstrum. I wasn’t able to make that session but Vicki Almstrum sent out an email with a lot of links from that session to the SIGCSE mailing list. The list…