Microsoft’s Student TV

What is Microsoft Student TV? It’s a new part of the Microsoft Student Experience web site. It’s a web video series that seeks to ignite a global dialogue that: 1. Connects students worldwide 2. Inspires social responsibility 3. Drives success at school and beyond graduation The first episodes that are up now are focused on…


We Need Wireless Power

New Hampshire was hit by a major ice storm last Thursday night. The power at my house went out initially around 7:30PM but my UPS system kept the Internet modem and Wi-Fi access point up for a while. The power came back briefly around 10PM but went out for good at midnight. This time the…


Links For Girls, Links for Career Stuff, and Going Green

So I got a number of links to links today. OK some are direct to the items but some are to pages with just too many links to copy. Wouldn’t be right. The first big set of links I found at the NCWIT blog post titled 100 Recommended Resources on Gender in S&E (S&E  stands…



Something for middle school science classes perhaps: The Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have partnered on this unprecedented initiative to educate, empower and engage students, teachers and communities to become “Agents of Change” in improving their community. Student teams from sixth through eighth grade, under the mentorship of a…


Imagine Cup – Student Environment & Technology Competition

The 2008 Imagine Cup finals is currently being held in Paris France. This international competition involves tens of thousands of university students around the world. This year’s theme is “Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment.” The creative projects that teams have come up with are downright amazing. I think that these teams…


Computers and the Environment

One of the things I frequently bring up in career talks these days is the connection between computing and the environment. One area is computers being used to research the environment. I love to read about the stuff they are doing at UMass Amherst to create computer models to study rivers and streams for example….