Post CS & IT 2012 Thoughts

The first part of this week was spent in Irvine CA for the 2012 CS & IT Conference. It’s amazing how this event just gets better and better every year. I only wish more computer science teachers could make it there. Being in California we had a lot of teachers from that state but not…


So you want to teach computer science?

A number of years ago after being laid off from a job developing software I went into teaching. I taught a year in a pair of elementary schools and then spent 8 years teaching high school computer science. It was awesome. One day I want to get back into the classroom full-time. Over the years…


There Is More To Computing Than Computer Science

Last week Doug Peterson pointed me to an article called “Let’s not call it computer science if we really mean computer programming.” My initial reaction was “Let’s not call it computer programming if we really mean software engineering.”  Really the author was talking more about the difference between CS and SE than much else.The ACM…


How do they know they are interested?

Or more importantly how do students know that they are NOT interested in computer science? As I mentioned recently I had a conversation with Mike Zamansky from New York’s Stuyvesant High School about his program there. One of the key pieces of that program is a required computer science course for sophomores. As Mike explained…


There Is Only So Much You Can Cover

I’d fallen a bit behind in my blog reading lately. Over the long weekend I tried to catch up some and came across a post by Leigh Ann DeLyser called Lets just blame the Intro CS… That post was a response in part to an article about the struggle to plug the embedded programming gap….


What should the High School CS curriculum look like?

I get asked questions like this a lot “can you share how you would construct a 3 year programming sequence, preceded by IC-3 type course, and culminating in AP JAVA. What would be your first two CS courses?” You’d think I’d have a great answer on the tip of my tongue by now. But I…


A reminder–CS & IT Conference 2012

Have you signed up for the best value in computer science education professional development? In today’s economy, finding value for your professional development dollar is key. Not many international conferences can make the claim that they offer this but the Computer Science & Information Technology (CS&IT) Conference can. With your registration fee of $50 you…


Round 1 Finalists for 2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum

The big news for me yesterday was at Finalists Announced for Round 1 of the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum. I attended this event as a judge last year and learned an incredible amount from these amazing teachers. This first round announced 44 teachers representing 32 projects from across 15 states. Applications are…


ACM/IEEE-CS Computer Science Curricula 2013 – Strawman draft

Over the weekend, the ACM/IEEE-CS Computer Science Curricula 2013 committee (of which I am a member) released the first public from this effort. (The announcement follows my comments). The Strawman draft is not a complete document as some additions, most importantly exemplar curriculums, are yet to be made. It is however ready for public comments…


12th Annual Computer Science & Information Technology Conference.

The Computer Science Teachers Association runs what I consider the single best and most important professional development events of the year for computer science educators – the Annual Computer Science & Information Technology Conference. I’m honored and excited  to be on the program committee again this year. Yesterday the CSTA sent the following their membership….