Programming is for Girls

Fair warning: Some gross generalizations and exaggeration for emphasis follow. But some valid points I think. I wrote my first computer program over 35 years ago. There were more women in the field back then. Not as many as their were earlier in the history of computers though. Programming was a woman’s job. The excitement,…


Interesting Links Post–6 July 2011

Last week I celebrated eight years at Microsoft. I still miss the students which makes the guest talks I do in schools particularly valuable to me. Interestingly enough I was visiting a Microsoft office on the day of my anniversary and they had ice cream sundaes. Pure coincidence but a good sign I think. Speaking…


Interesting Links July 26 2010

I sure have been traveling a lot lately. I spent the early part of last week at Stevens Institute of Technology talking about user interface design and creating interactive web sites using Expression Web. There were about 30 teachers in these workshops but the best part was meeting some people in person who I have…


Over-Educated, Yet Under-Qualified?

You’ve heard it said many time that “No one who takes a high school programming course is qualified for a software development job.” Sounds reasonable. But how about people graduating from universities not being qualified? That is the question that shows up in a number of posts and news articles lately. Keith Ward asks the…


Career Outlook for CS Students

The CACM web site has an interesting interview with Joel Adams (Joel Adams Discusses the Career Outlook for CS Students) Joel Adams’ report on The Market For Computing Careers summarized employment data and projections from a number of sources and shows an optimistic about job openings. Unfortunately the number of people being prepared for CS…


New England Innovation Month 2010

June has been designated as New England Innovation month. It was innovation (the company was Digital Equipment) that really caused me to move to New England 30 years ago. Today I think people tend to underestimate the innovation going on in New England. Forbes recently named Boston number 8 on their list of the most…


Interesting Links 24 May 2010

I pretty much took last week off from blogging. I sort of needed a break and since they were migrating this and many other blogs to a new updated blogging engine it seemed like a good time to step back from it for a while. I did still read blogs, follow Twitter and read a…


Interesting Links 17 May 2010

I have quite an eclectic mix of links this week. Some career information, some Windows Phone programming links, Internet safety, school IT information and more. I hope you’ll read through it all and find something that is useful to you. If you are interested in more frequent update you can follow me at @AlfredTwo on…


Interesting Links 3 May 2010

Last week was a struggle for me both blogging and otherwise. A lot of stuff going on at work and at home. Plus of course I spent a lot of my blogging energy on the Imagine Cup. I loved being at and blogging about the Imagine Cup though so it was worth it for me….


Credentials or Knowledge

The ever interesting Will Richardson got me thinking again today. He talks about how to credentialize learning in a post titled An Open Mind (In Higher Ed at Least) from open course ware such as the MIT OpenCourseWare project. How do we validate the self-learning that does on? And I add anohter question, when does…