Textbooks–The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I was reading through a couple of blog posts by Garth Flint earlier today. I’ve been using some of my vacation time to catch up on blog reading and had put off reading some of Garth’s posts until I had time to do it right. Garth is one of those people who uses his blog…


What do you want in a Textbook

I’ve been thinking a lot about textbooks lately. Do students really read/use them? What is the difference between a textbook and a reference book and what are the pros and cons of each in education? What about books designed for professionals rather than for teaching? They seem to be half way between a reference book…


Interesting Links August 3 2010

You may have noticed that I wasn’t blogging much last week. Or maybe you didn’t notice but allow me my allusions. I had a good reason though. My son was married this past weekend and that kept me a bit preoccupied. I hope to keep up better this week and then go on vacation. Today…


Some Interesting and Useful Curriculum Links – Visual Basic, XNA, Other Intro CS

Over the holiday I did some browsing around the Internet. I found a couple of new blogs to follow, read some posts by people who hadn’t blogged in a while, and just stumbled across some interesting things while looking for something completely different. Among my discoveries were some interesting curriculum links that I thought were…


Will the Kindle Change the World of Textbooks

There is a lot of talk on the Internet today about Amazon’s new electronic book called the Kindle. The talk among bloggers is largely about subscribing to blogs. Others are talking about books for, mostly, pleasure reading. I am wondering though if this technological innovation might be the thing that revolutionizes the textbook market. Now…


XNA Student Projects/Games

It looks like a lot of my co-workers have been running into students who are having fun creating games with XNA. Hilary Pike writes about a student from her alma mater (The Ohio State University) who is interested in a lot more than football. In fact he has created an interesting looking game with XNA….


Object Oriented Programming in Visual Basic 2005

I’ve never been very good at taking notes and here are NECC hasn’t been much of an exception. While I have blogged about a number of sessions for the most part I have just listened intently but not blogged or taken notes. I have to say that I regret this somewhat. So I am trying…


Irrelevant Programming Languages

Mark Hendrickson from O’Reilly has an interesting review of the market for computer books in a four part series. The fourth part examines the programming language book market. I have no doubt that it is a valuable discussion for people who are thinking about what sort of programming language book to write but I’d be careful about…


Beginner Developer Learning Center

The Visual Studio Express people have just announced a new Beginner Developer Learning Center. The main part of the site is for beginners of all ages who are interested in learning how to program computers or design and build dynamic web sites. It looks pretty interesting and I think a lot of people will benefit…


What if what you see is not what you get

I read a resume recently where the job applicant told of his 7 years of professional experience. It read as if he thought that was a long time. I have over four times that much experience and yet I still feel like a newby at times. Things are just changing that quickly. My friend Mr…