Prototypes from Microsoft Education Labs

Microsoft Education Labs is a sort of technology playground for the Microsoft Education Products group. They have a blog and other pages to share ideas and have discussions about ideas for technology in education for example. They also have some, well let’s call them experimental prototypes. Good software but not quite full time products. I’m…


Microsoft Free Tools for Teachers

Every so often I do a talk on various free software tools that Microsoft has available for teachers. The other day I did one such talk at the Mass CUE conference. In preparation I made a handout that listed the resources I talked about and then a bunch more. I thought that this might be…


Interesting Links 20 September 2010

  I’m happy to see that the Microsoft student website won the “Outstanding Website” award in the Education category from the Web Marketing Association. /Student as we call it is a very useful site for students to look for information about Microsoft tools, progucts, programs and special deals. And unlike a lot of corporate websites…


Interesting Links 12 April 2010

What does this say? 01000010 01100001 01110010 01100010 01101001 01100101 It says “Barbie” in Binary coded ASCII. See Barbie Goes Binary  for more on the display on Computer Engineer Barbie’s laptop and the design on her blouse. I wonder how many little girls will notice? Well at least we geeks know it is there. The…


Interesting Links 29 March 2010

In yet another example of how poorly I do at predicting what is going to be interesting and/or controversial almost no one read and absolutely no one commented on my post about companies getting involved in curriculum writing last week (Curriculum, Companies, Cooperation and Conflict). My asking of the question Where does Computer Science Belong?…


Interesting Links 8 March 2010

Well last week was another interesting week for me. I finished it off with a short trip to Houston TX for the annual HP Code Wars high school programming competition. The people at HP did an amazing job hosting some 600 student competitors on a Saturday morning.  You have to hand it to the teachers…


Upcoming Microsoft Teacher Leader Training Events

Are you an educator responsible for providing technology training to colleagues? Do you frequently lead teachers with best practices on how to integrate technology in the classroom? Then this event is for you! The Microsoft Institute now offers workshops dedicated for teachers and teacher leaders. The project-based workshop curriculum is designed for educators who are…


Web 2.0 and Other Educational Resources from Microsoft

OK, this may not be the definitive index to Microsoft resources for teachers but it’s close. Something for everyone from elementary school English teachers to high school science teachers (check out the world wide telescope) to high school computer science teachers. Lots to choose from. Web 2.0 and Other Educational Resources from Microsoft 1. PhotoSynth…


Interesting Links October 5 2009

Today is World Teacher’s Day. On behalf on myself, thanks for all you teachers do every day. I hope your students, their parents and especially your administration appreciates you. And now a few links that I hope you will find useful and interesting. Grace Murray Hopper was a personal hero of mine. I was able…


Interesting Links Labor Day 2009

I’m not really working today. Well just this post really. For the most part I have been largely offline for Labor Day weekend. Enjoying family, sun, books, and relaxing. My wife and son start school with their students tomorrow. They’ve been doing the usual back to school teacher days last week. Their rooms are ready….