Interesting Links 7 June 2010

I tried to take most of last week off. Well I guess I actually did officially take most of the week off but somehow I spent more time than I should have on email and Twitter. Perhaps I have a problem. 🙂 But I didn’t really blog and I avoided most real work. I even…


Interesting Links 10 May 2010

You have to love the Internet and especially twitter. You can hear about things that you’d never hear about from the main stream media. For example, from Andrew Parsons (@MrAndyPuppy) I learned that there is an official Geek/Nerd Pride Day – May 25: Geek/Nerd day Information and Geek/Nerd Day Facebook Page. Not sure I am…


Interesting Links 3 May 2010

Last week was a struggle for me both blogging and otherwise. A lot of stuff going on at work and at home. Plus of course I spent a lot of my blogging energy on the Imagine Cup. I loved being at and blogging about the Imagine Cup though so it was worth it for me….


Interesting Links December 21 2009

This will probably be my last interesting links post for the year. I’m taking some vacation time and hope to take a break even from the Internet. Hopefully you all will  be getting some rest and recharge time as you prepare for the new year as well. I’ve got a few posts up and in…


Bing, Explicit Content and Safe Searching For Schools

One of the scary things about the Internet for schools and for parents is that explicit content is very easy to find – even by accident. Most web browsers have “safe search” settings but young people are savvy and it is not unheard of for them to change their settings. Content that comes indirectly, such…


Internet Safety for the Whole Family

I gave a presentation to parents at a local middle school last night about Internet safety. One of the things I left them with was a collection of useful links and online references for parents, teachers, and students. This seemed like a pretty useful list when I was done with it so I decided to…


Students Need Internet-Safety Education

According to this article (Sending racy photos is common among teens) in eSchool News, some 22% of teenage girls and 11% of girls 13-16 send nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves to others. Some 18% of boys are sending similar pictures of themselves as well. One third of teen boys and one quarter of teen…


Teachers, Trust, Teaching and Filters

So long time readers know that I am not a fan of filtering of the Internet in schools. My wife is a librarian who enthusiastically marks Banned Books Week every year for the chance to discuss censorship with her students so its a family thing I guess. We’ve both long embraced using student visits to…


Boston Public Schools Cyber Safety Program

The Boston Public schools have a very nice cyber safety program with a home on the Internet. This site has resources for teachers, students and families. These resources include posters and presentations that can be downloaded and used. While they are clearly branded for the Boston Public Schools (BPS) the themes and information is universal….


Advertising Free Wiki Space at WetPaint

One of the problems with many “free” Internet services is that they are supported by advertising. Generally that is a pretty minor issue and for most applications where “free” as in no out of pocket costs is a requirement its a non-issue. In schools though this can be a huge issue. In fact it can…