Is there an upside to the decline in computer science enrollment?

Chris Stephenson of the CSTA has some interesting comments at the CSTA blog about a possible upside to the recent decline in post-secondary computer science enrollments. Chris’s most interesting statement is this one: Dropping enrollments are providing a powerful and long-overdue incentive for reenvisioning computer science education. I think she has a great point there….


Digital Literacy Curriculum From Microsoft

  Digital Literacy is an area that is receiving a lot of attention these days as we come to grips with the idea that almost everyone is an information worker in some way or another. I recently learned that Microsoft has a digital literacy curriculm available. It includes 5 units (each 2-3 hours long) and a…


Attention Canadian Secondary School Programming Students

There is an online community site for Canadian students and programming enthusiasts at They have discussion forums (discussing languages including C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Turing, and Visual Basic), a wiki and a blog. That site is also involved with the DWITE Online Computer Programming Contest which is open to Canadian Secondary School Students. If…

Thinking About Numbers – Decimal, Binary and Roman

One of the things I found to be a little bit scary was how limited the understanding so many high school students had about the nature of numbers. Oh sure they understood the difference between real number and integers and they had a sense of the scale of numbers (what’s large? What’s small?) but they…