Interesting Links 3 September 2012

Happy Labor Day! Today is commonly thought of as the last day of summer in the US. Few if any schools in the US will start (with students) later than tomorrow.  I hope you all – students and teachers – have a great school year. If you are looking for a few interesting tidbits I have a few links to share.

Andrew Duthie and Chris Bowen share with us their Top 10 Windows 8 secrets for App success. Tune in as they discuss the incredible money making opportunities available for developers who jump in and develop applications for Windows 8 as well as what free tools and services are available to help you along the way.

How to Develop a Windows Phone App in 30 Days Now that you have taken on the 30-day challenge to build a Windows Phone app, let's get down to the brass tacks. How to start? What happens next? Where to get a device to test your app? How to make money on your app? Help is at hand at each step of the way. The schedule below highlights themes and how you can make the most of each week with training, resources and support. Your journey begins here.

See also How to Develop a Windows 8 App in 30 Days

If you teach computer science in K-12 you really should  belong to the CSTA. Check out the Benefits from Computer Science Teachers Association membership as the CSTA blog.

Randy Guthrie doesn’t blog often but when he does it is worth reading. He posted a couple of posts recently that I feel I have to share because they are just really useful.

Increase Problem Solving, Reduce Coding Syntax is a  great post by Garth Flint that talks about the difficulty of teaching problem solving and how it is more important than just teaching syntax.

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