Imagine Cup 2013 Opens with Larger Prizes

Last week Microsoft announced the opening of the 2013 Imagine Cup. This year there are thee competition and three challenges for students to enter. The prizes are larger as well with a top prize for each of the three competition being $50,000 (USD) and each of the challenges having a top prize of $10,000 (USD)….


Interesting Links 3 September 2012

Happy Labor Day! Today is commonly thought of as the last day of summer in the US. Few if any schools in the US will start (with students) later than tomorrow.  I hope you all – students and teachers – have a great school year. If you are looking for a few interesting tidbits I…

Don’t Panic

The other day I was looking through the analytics for this blog to see what sort of searches people were doing that let them here. Mostly I was seeing things I expected to see but one stuck out. Someone had searched for the string “i am scared of programming.” I suspect that the searcher was…