Try Kinect at your K-12 School

  Capturing students’ interest and making concepts come alive is an educator’s greatest challenge!  Kinect™ for Xbox 360® can help get students engaged and inspired with immersive experiences.     è Try Kinect at your K-12 School   The Kinect Trial Program gives K-12 institutions the opportunity to try Kinect™ for Xbox 360® at no…


Recursion First

I’ve long had mixed feelings about recursion. (I’ve written about recursion several times in this blog.) In one post, Recursion Early, Recursion Late, I wrote about the suggestion that recursion be dropped from a first programming or computer science course. In another post I asked if it should be added to a list of Four…


Interesting Links 13 August 2012

Well it’s the middle of my vacation. Mostly I’m avoiding the Internet and email. Mostly. I’m not all that good at this vacation thing. In any case I do have a few links to share with you. A teacher friend of mine, Peter Vogel, shared this interesting article with me recently.  Is it Time to…


Public Sector TechBytes Series

          Register Today ! Select a date below to register online or call 1-877-MSEVENT Nationwide Events The team is also hosting a series of Windows 8 DevCamps across the nation. Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity that combines the broad reach of Windows, our best in class developer tools and…


2012 Microsoft US Forum Wrap Up

I missed out on most of the US Forum this year but as I said on Monday () I was able to attend the gala that finished out the event with the award ceremony. I wanted to link to more information provided by people who were there for the whole event though. This picture below…


You’re invited to a Windows 8 DevCamp in city near you

      Seating is limited. Select a date below to register online or call 1-877-MSEVENT Location   DevCamp  Tampa, FL 8/8     Tallahassee, FL 8/10     Harrisburg, PA 8/14     Albany, NY 8/16     Sacramento, CA 8/23     Chevy Chase, MD 8/28     Reston, VA 8/30     Olympia,…


Kodu: Mars Edition

Did you follow the landing of the latest Mars rover – Curiosity? Well if you did or even if you just know a bunch of space crazy students the latest version of Kodu is for you. Last week Microsoft announced  (and launched) Kodu:Mars Edition. Download it at . Some of the new features: New…


Interesting Links 6 August 2012

What a great week last week was. My big planned event was a meeting of the ACM/IEEE CS 2013 committee in Seattle WA. As it turns out that meant I was able to attend the closing gala for the Microsoft Partners in Learning US Forum. I’ll have a separate blog with links to that event….


Construct 2 – the HTML5 game maker

I’ve been experimenting with Construct 2 from Scirra the last few days. Construct 2 is a program from creating HTML 5 games. What really got my interest was that there is the ability to create Windows 8 games using Construct 2 with Visual Studio 12.  The Construct 2 development environment is pretty easy to use…