Interesting Links 9 July 2012

I am writing this from Irvine California where I have come for the CSTA CS & IT Conference. I have already had a bunch of great conversations with people who arrived yesterday. The networking (a fancy word for meeting great new people and spending time with others I have known and respected for years) is a highlight of this great professional development event for computer science educators. If you are here I hope you’ll make sure we talk. If you are not here and are a computer science educator start thinking about next year! Oh follow the Twitter stream at #CSIT2012 for updates.

Microsoft Research runs an annual Faculty Summit and it is going virtual this year - keynotes will be live streamed! I’m going to be there next week so expect some blog posts about the things I learn there. You can also follow the event on Twitter using the #Aksum hash tag. My account on Twitter is @AlfredTwo and if you are on Twitter I hope you’ll follow me. If you let me know you are in computer science education I will follow back as well.

TEALS: How Microsoft engineers are addressing the Computer Scientist shortage. This video is from a presentation that was made to Microsoft employees to try to recruit more people to this growing program that put computer scientists in the classroom supported by professional teachers.

New on the CSTA blog Who teaches computer science?  Some interesting numbers. Some of them a bit scary.

Qualcomm is having a Windows 8 Metro app contest – some good prizes.

Not a lot of links this week and I apologize for that. Been a bit crazy lately.

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