Interesting Links 2 July 2012

I was pretty quiet last week. Some family stuff going on kept me away from work and (largely) off the Internet. Still over the last few days I have been catching up with things and I have captured a few good links. Several of them I would normally have posted as complete blog posts but the places I am linking to do as good if not better job at explaining what is going on. So here are the best of what I found.

“Girls can’t program in their heads”: gender and games in the computing classroom from the  Communications of the ACM blog. Seems like a lot going on with regards to gender balance in the computer field this week. Microsoft research also had a couple of videos on the subject. MSR and the National Center for Women & Information Technology @NCWIT in the campaign to increase diversity.  Also from @MSFTResearch Video of the Week: MSR Cambridge’s Jasmin Fisher, on research & her advice to women entering the field.

My manager wrote up a link to a lot of Windows 8 Developer Camps and Hackathons – Coming July to September

I liked reading 'Should CS Principles be the first CS course in High Schools?'  This was written by one of the teachers who has been piloting the new CS Principles course and I like their take on a first computer course in HS.

Microsoft NERD@MSNewEngland has a new Facebook page. LIKE them and get the latest NERD Center‬ photos, events, jobs & more. …

Microsoft launches ‪Office365‬ 4 Education --FREE and available now--students can do homework anywhere on any device! Please check out Office 365 for education – a game changer for teaching and learning.

Critics of the Microsoft Surface just don't get it via @halberenson Hal, who wrote this post, is an old friend of mine. We've worked at the same three different companies, he says I’m following him, but he's currently retired from Microsoft. In any case I enjoy reading his well thought out ideas.

How to Create a Metro Icon Yet another useful post by my friend Ed Donahue.


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  1. Charley Williams says:

    FYI, Sunday's Dilbert was an amusing illustration of your earlier post "My IT Department Won't Let Me!"

  2. AlfredTh says:

    I almost posted that link myself Charley. Glad you did. Thanks.

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