Interesting Links 18 June 2012

Some of you may remember that I was nominated for the  Top 30 Fascinating Technology Teacher blog voting. I came in at number 7. Thanks to all of you who voted for me.

Over at the CS Principles @ North blog is a nice post about  'Who can teach CS Principles?' that those of you following the development of this new AP CS exam.

Jimmy Edwards @Jimmy_Edwards is an innovative teacher in the UK who has created a KINECT Green Screen application for use in his school. On his blog you  an see a video demo and get the actual code.

A link from the @MSTechStudent twitter account sent out a link to some free downloads of code samples for Windows 8 - C#, VB, C++,  and JavaScript

Microsoft and Dell empower students with accessible technology and training.

A day in the life of an entrepreneur is a story and video about a friend of mine who runs a small chain of restaurants in Singapore and Indonesia. In the interview he talks about how he uses technology in the running of his business. He uses social media to build relationships with his customers and various software to manage the finances. It’s a great story for kids who think about creating non-computer businesses doesn’t involve computers.

Xbox Kinect Applications To Health And Medicine yet another way that Kinect is being used in serious non-gaming ways.

A Day in the Life of a Teacher a comparison of Office 360 and Google apps for education.

@Microsoft & @Harvard are teaming up in South Africa to develop an HIV vaccine using Microsoft's anti-spam technology!

Imagine Cup Alumni Spotlight: David Hayden and Team Note-Taker Read this interesting story in the Geek Dad column of Wired online.

Erin (Ed) Donahue @creepyed posted a SCREENCAST: How to Quickly Create Windows Phone Icons. Create your app tile icons for Windows Phone applications and the marketplace  super fast!

Channel 9 has a nice new video on Building Windows 8 Metro style casual games using HTML 5

Microsoft Research has a new Women in Computing page as part of their diversity and outreach efforts. Check it out!

Microsoft Resources for technical educators and students has a lot of useful links all in one place.

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