Interesting Links 11 June 2012

Well I had a great weekend. My wife and I spent the weekend with our son and daughter in law. A little work done around my father’s house, a little sun, a little beach, a little time on  the stand up paddle board, and lots of good family time. A great way to spend a weekend. I hope your weekend was as good. I find that a good weekend makes the work of the rest of the week a lot easier. Which brings us to today’s set of interesting links. I hope you’ll find something interesting and/or useful in this list.

Erin (Ed) Donahue @creepyed collected a month’s worth of Tweeted links on a single blog post called  30 Days of App Development Tips Lots of good links for people interested in creating their own apps.

Did you know that  Microsoft retail stores are offering "summer camps" for innovative kids! Check out the Microsoft Retail Stores summer camp page and see what is offered near you.

It's official! Here are the 102 educators invited to attend the Microsoft partners in Learning 2012 US Forum. I attended this event last year and met some absolutely incredible teachers. I blogged about a few of this year’s “class” at Finalists for the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum and will be blogging more about these teachers as time goes on.

Do you use Alice with your students? Looking for summer projects for them? Check out this Alice 3.0 animation competition.

I’ve got a couple of great Kinect links for you this week.

  • Kinect Angles v2.4:   Video demo and source code are available from David Renton @drenton72
  • Also from David Renton is Kinect Time, a game for young students to help them learn to tell time using analog clocks. Blog post includes executable and source
  • Swing Clone Kinect - software that analyzes your golf swing using the Kinect sensor. This one is a commercial product but it is interesting the sorts of things companies are creating around the Kinect Sensor.

Let's call It "Computer Science" AND "Programming": The fat line where most people will be – a good post by Mark Guzdial @guzdial

Researcher reveals how “Computer Geeks” replaced “Computer Girls”  How many know that at one time developing computer software was "women's work?"

I found a new blog to follow last week. The author is Neil Brown  who is also on Twitter at @twistedsq. Neil Brown is a computing education researcher at the University of Kent (in the UK). He works on BlueJ and Greenfoot which you may have heard about for teaching Java. A couple of recent posts are well worth sharing:

Download the new Microsoft Research Face SDK and process images, like face detection, alignment, tracking, & cartoon generation:

Found an interesting resource on Metro Design Language for Windows Phone 7 for beginners that you may be interested in looking at.

For Windows 8 development check out this free ebook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (First Preview).

This post on A Day in the Life of a Developer Evangelist was making the rounds, especially among professional developer evangelists. The job title has been around a lot longer than the article suggests. It was invented years and years ago by Guy Kawasaki. My official job title has been Academic Developer Evangelist for the last nine years. IN any case you may find the article interesting as this role as a career is still growing.

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