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This past Saturday was my 9th anniversary working full-time for Microsoft. It’s been a great time so far and I hope if continues to be great for some time to come. I’ve sure met a lot of great people though this role and this blog and its readers have been a big part of that. So thank you all. And now a whole bunch of links (this was an interesting week) starting with a slightly self-promotional link.

Fascination Awards<br />
This is an honor. I don’t know how the judges came across my blog but I’m pleased that they liked what they found when they did. Feel free to vote for me if you also find this blog interesting .

Voting is a bit tricky. You have to got to Google Plus at open the comments, find my blog (listed third) and give it a G+.

Voting ends June 11th at 11:59 PM (EST) and is now open.

Windows 8 Release Preview now available Get it now and try it out. Summer is a great time to see if your favorite applications will work with it.

Are you looking for more computer science education related blogs to read? Summer time is coming and that’s a good time to look through some blogs for ideas. I have a Computer Science Education Blog Roll that includes some really great educators who have a lot to share. So take a look and maybe you’ll find someone who resonates with you. Oh and if I’m missing someone you think should be on the list by all means let me know. I’m always looking to add more – and to follow more myself. I learn so much for other bloggers. Speaking of new blogs, Mark Guzdial linked to this one on  exploring the connections between writing and programming/computing.  I need to dig into it myself but Mark’s recommendation is enough for me to pass it along.

Are you involved with computer science at the younger levels? You’ll want to check out the latest from CSTA at New CSTA K-8 CS Resource

We regularly feature elementary and middle school topics in the Voice and have just published and entire 32 page document dedicated solely to CS in elementary/primary and middle school! K-8 Computer Science: Building a Solid Foundation is the latest comprehensive CSTA publication for describing and illustrating what a quality CS program might contain. You will find dozens of articles offering a variety of PERSPECTIVES, and examples of IMPLEMENTATION and ENGAGMENT for younger students.


Ed Donahue and Glen Gordon have put together a video series called The Campus Coder. Each post is a half-hour podcast series that features interviews with student developers who have made the leap into professional development with Microsoft tools. It’s intended to educate, entertain and enlighten aspiring student developers!. They’ve got three episodes up so far. Worth a listen/look.

One of the reasons I like Microsoft is the large number of employees who go a step beyond to help others. This Employee Philanthropist Spotlight: Erin Zuehlsdorff. highlights someone who is not as atypical as you might think.

News via @CSEdWeek there is now a blog for CS Education week A good place to keep up with what is happening with this annual event. Are you planning for the fall yet?

A New Your Times article passed along by @MSFTResearch: Freaks, Geeks and Microsoft “How Kinect Spawned a Commercial Ecosystem”

Advice from Loudoun County, VA teachers on how to use Kinect in education. Their story was recently published in @usatoday Video games help autistic students in classrooms

Doug Peterson @dougpete passed along Let's Not Call It "Computer Science" If We Really Mean "Computer Programming"  Working on a blog response to it. Gave me a lot to think about.

Great post by Cameron Evans @EDUCTO on savvy work by student developers building learning games for preschoolers

U.S. Women in Computing: Why Isn't It Getting Better? from the blog at| Communications of the ACM:

"Women In Technology: 4 Reasons Why Females Will Rule The Future" - Great coverage of Kara Swisher's speech at the Anita Borg Women of Vision awards ceremony.

Learn how to migrate your Windows Phone app to a Windows 8 Metro app with this series by @jbienz

4 Innovative Student Projects That Could Change the World Mashable highlights four of the teams headed to Australia for the Imagine Cup 

Develop a Windows 8 app in 30 days and win great prizes this summer. Rules:

Software Needs Seatbelts and Airbags This may be the best article on debugging I have ever read. Something to keep and use with your students when you discuss this sort of issue – which I hope you do!

8 FREE Online Computer Science Courses for Beginners and Advances Users Interesting list


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